Here at Premier Wireless we carry a wide variety of Cell Phone Accessories for all major models.  From Cases to Screen protectors, we have you covered.  We also carry a big selection of misc. accessories such as Bluetooth Headsets and Chargers. Come visit us.  If we dont have what you are looking for, we can special order it just for you.

Cell Phone Cases


Protects your phone from falls and hits. Comes in different colors and designs.


For those who want to protect their phones with a little bling.


Protects the phone & screen. Wallet Cases allow you to store your ID/Credit Cards in the case.

Battery Cases

Battery Cases will extend the battery of your phone throughout the day while protecting it from falls and scratches.

Otter Box

The ultimate protection. Otter Boxes are made to completely protect your phone from anything that comes your way.

Screen Protectors


Protects your screen from scratches without compromising the vibrancy on your screen.


Prevent people from seeing your screen while protecting the glass from scratches.

Shell Shock

The ultimate protection for your screen. Not only does it protect from scratches, it also protects your screen from falls and breaks.

Blue Tooth Headsets

Plantronics Headset

Take calls with this easy to use Bluetooth Headset.

LG Tone Pro

Take calls & listen to videos/music while connected via Bluetooth.



Lost or broke your charger? No worries. We carry chargers for all major brands and models.

Nomad Chargers

This small and light charger is perfect to take with you wherever you go. Attach it to your keychain and never run out of charge again.

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